Multi-factor authentication – why you need it

Posted on 18 June 2017

Whilst passwords provide a basic level of security, they are typically easy to crack by a determined attacker. One way to improve security is to add more levels of authentication than just remembering a password, this is known as multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication is a method of verification that requires more than one confirmation method and adds a critical second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions. It works by requiring any two or more of the following verification methods:

  • Something you know (typically a password)
  • Something you have (a trusted device that is not easily duplicated, like a phone)
  • Something you are (biometrics)

In the Microsoft world Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a two-step verification solution. It helps safeguard access to data and applications while meeting user demand for a simple sign-in process. It delivers strong authentication via a range of verification methods, including phone call, text message, or mobile app verification.

Why use Azure MFA

Today, more than ever, we are increasingly connected. With smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs, we have many different options on how they are going to connect and stay connected at any time. We can now access our accounts and applications from anywhere, which means that we can get more work done and serve our customers better.

Azure MFA is an easy to use, scalable, and reliable solution that provides an important second method of authentication so your users are always protected. It offers:

  • Easy to Use– it is simple to set up and use. The extra protection that comes with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication allows users to manage their own devices.
  • Scalable– it uses the power of the cloud and integrates with your on-premises AD and custom apps. This protection is even extended to your high-volume, mission-critical scenarios.
  • Always Protected– it provides strong authentication using the highest industry standards.
  • Reliable– Microsoft guarantee 99.9% availability of Azure MFA. The service is considered unavailable when it is unable to receive or process verification requests for the two-step verification.

There are many different versions of Azure MFA available as well as different ways to buy. If you would like to find out more about how to implement Azure MFA to protect your organisation, please contact us.

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