Microsoft Identity Manager – delivering the hybrid IT infrastructure your organisation needs

Posted on 1 June 2017

Mobile devices and the cloud are changing way the organisations operate, providing greater flexibility, improved productivity and enhanced customer service.

This new hybrid environment has placed greater challenges on the IT department to protect corporate data whilst allowing anytime anywhere access.

Microsoft’s identity and access management solutions provide an identity management system that spans both cloud and on-premises environments. They provide a spectrum of services, including:

  • Federation
  • Identity management
  • Device registration
  • User provisioning
  • Application access control
  • Data protection

Its combination of Windows Server Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Manager, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory enables organisations to easily secure their modern hybrid infrastructure.

Providing security and a consistent experience

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) binds Microsoft’s IAM solutions together by seamlessly bridging multiple on-premises authentication stores like Active Directory, LDAP, Oracle, and other applications with Azure Active Directory. This provides consistent experiences to on-premises LOB applications and SaaS solutions.

MIM offers key functionality in 3 important areas:

  • Cloud-ready identities
  • Powerful user self-service
  • Enhanced security

Cloud-ready identities

MIM offers automatic preparation of Active Directory identities for synchronization with Azure Active Directory. This includes:

  • Standardised Active Directory attributes and values
  • Partitioned identities for synchronisation to the cloud
  • Easier-to-deploy reporting connected to Azure Active Directory
  • Preparation of user profiles for Microsoft Office 365

Powerful user self-service

To ensure your users remain productive MIM provides password reset with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and dynamic groups with approvals and redesigned certificate management. It also includes:

  • New REST-based APIs for AuthN/AuthZ
  • Self-service account unlock
  • Certificate management support for multi-forest and modern applications

Enhanced security

MIM offers hybrid reporting and privileged access management to protect administrator accounts, plus support for new security protocols. Further features cover:

  • Privileged user and account discovery
  • New Windows PowerShell support and REST-based API
  • Workflow management: elevated just-in-time administrator access
  • Reporting and auditing specific to privileged access management

Making Microsoft Identity Manager work for you

Implementing MIM can be a complex and time-consuming task without the right skills and experience. This is where Identity Experts can help. We are one of the foremost UK Microsoft partners for MIM.

Our experienced consultants have helped many organisations plan, implement and support their MIM infrastructure, ensuring security and flexibility across your organisation.

To find out more about how Identity Experts can help your organisation get the most out of MIM, contact us.

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