Microsoft Gold Partners Aim to Look Beyond the ‘New Normal’ with UP NEXT Digital Conference

Posted on 12 April 2021

We’ve heard a lot about the ‘New Normal’ over the last twelve months as the world adjusts to the impact of a global pandemic – but what lies beyond it? Where do organisations take digital transformation after a year of accelerated growth? And what’s up next for their people?

If you’ve grown tired of commentators talking about the so-called ‘New Normal’, then take comfort: you’re not alone. As the world has grappled with a global pandemic, how we work, live, and even how we entertain ourselves have all changed. Suddenly, remote working is ahead of schedule, innovative new tech is more commonplace in the workplace, and keeping one another safe is the highest priority.

But to truly flourish in the new world, it’s vital that organisations don’t limit their future vision by focusing only on maintaining the reactive approach to digital transformation that COVID forced upon them. Instead, we’re encouraging them to look beyond the New Normal to prepare for the truly post-pandemic era.

Introducing UP NEXT – An Exploration of the Future of Digital Transformation 

To do this, Identity Experts has teamed up with fellow Microsoft Gold Partners, Condatis, ITC Secure, and ITEXACT, to host the UP NEXT digital conference.

Under the UP NEXT banner, we’ll be releasing a blend of pre-recorded and live events to discuss the future of security, the difference between transitioning and transformation, digital transcripts, and much more.

UP NEXT’s singular aim is to spark conversations around the future of digital transformation, encouraging organisations to consider their people, their technology, and their next steps.

Together, Identity Experts, Condatis, ITC Secure, and ITEXACT are all placed to provide professional opinions, invaluable insights, and easy-to-digest knowledge to educate and inform.

And afterwards? We hope attendees will feel armed to make the decisions which will see them move from reactive to proactive digital transformation – for the good of themselves, their organisations, and their people.

Live events will take place across the 11th and 12th May. Find out more, register for talks, and keep up to date with the UP NEXT news via our dedicated website – and be sure to follow us on Twitter to catch when events are announced and shared.

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