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Information Bundles

Automate and Transform Processes (317.97 KB)

A collection of our one-pagers, covering the possibilities of automation and transformation.


Provide Support (171.88 KB)

A collection of our one-pagers, focusing on our support-based services.


Consolidate and Manage Accounts (350.06 KB)

A collection of our one-pagers, focusing on our identity and productivity-boosting services.


Secure Your Organisation (318.84 KB)

A collection of our one-pagers, focusing on our security services.

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Keeping Security in Hand: 5 Dangerous Assumptions About Mobile Security Putting Your Organisation at RIsk (1.35 MB)

In recent years, three distinct developments have occurred, changing how we live, work and play: mobile devices have become increasingly commonplace, our data has become significantly more precious, and threats to said data have flourished. For more information about keeping mobile devices secure, check out our latest guide.


Don’t Take the Bait: Defending the Third Sector Against Scams (855.12 KB)

At a time when data is perhaps more valuable than oil, organisations are facing some of the biggest threats of their existence in the form of scams – particularly ‘phishing.' To learn more about phishing, and how to defend your organisation against it, download our eGuide.


Keeping Order: How Legal Firms Can Overcome the Challenges Presented by Joiners, Movers & Leavers (8.04 MB)

When people are the lifeblood of yout business, it pays to keep people-centric processes running as smoothly as possible. For legal firms in particular, it's a challenge that pays off. For more information, download our handy guide.

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LinkedIn Slides

What is Social Engineering? (181.69 KB)

Get to grips with the security threat that's putting employees at the centre of many a data breach.


What is MFA? (646.67 KB)

Get a better look at Multi-Factor Authentication, what constitutes a 'factor', and why MFA is so beneficial to organisations.

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White Paper

Begins with a Single Step: Preparing Legal Firms for Their Digital Transformation Journey (25.83 MB)

In this white paper, we're taking a look at the role of identity in the digital transformation journey, with a particular focus on the challenges faced by legal firms.


The State of Mobile Phishing – A Lookout Research Report (1.58 MB)

The State of Mobile Phishing report highlights emerging trends and recommends effective ways to protect mobile devices and work-from-home employees. Lookout has seen an upward trend in mobile phishing over the last 15 months. With a 37% sequential increase in the first quarter. This report is a useful resource that highlights the impact of COVID-19 on the latest phishing encounter rates, the financial impact involved in an attack, real-world use cases, and how to best detect and protect against phishing attacks.

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How Zero Trust is Leading the Secure Hybrid Identity Revolution ()

This webinar highlights the role Zero Trust plays in tying together the Secure Hybrid Identity approach, and elaborates upon the changes this methodology can bring to how our customers achieve their goals.

Self-Sovereign Identity as the Next Advancement ()

In this webinar, Identity Experts and Condatis (a Sitekit company) have partnered to offer a peek into the future, and what Self-Sovereign Identity means for organisations.

Securing Hybrid Identities: Our Zero Trust Roadmap ()

In this short webinar, Stacey Dixon discusses the fundamentals of a Zero Trust approach to security and identity, with recommendations on how you can begin or fine tune your journey.

Proactive Defence with Azure Sentinel ()

You're invited to join us for a panel discussion, featuring Identity Experts, ITC Secure, and Microsoft, talking about how Azure Sentinel can provide you with the proactive threat protection needed to keep your organisation secure at all times.

Why Microsoft Azure Sentinel is Right for Your Organisation ()

Join Stacey Dixon and Matt Fernandes as they discuss all things Microsoft Azure Sentinel - including why this solution is exactly what your organisation is after.

Kick-Starting SOCaaS Efforts with Azure Sentinel ()

We team up with ITC Secure to talk about how Microsoft's cloud-SIEM solution, Azure Sentinel, can provide you with a holistic and near-real time view of security incidents across your on-premise and cloud environments, covering identities, data, applications and devices.

Security as the Cornerstone of Digital Transformation | Leeds Digital Festival ()

In this webinar, Amy Stokes-Waters will explore the role security has to play in supporting a larger, more successful organisational move towards digital, as well as offering practical tips and advice on creating an effective starting point.

Remote Working in a Crisis – And What Comes Next ()

In this webinar, we team up with ITEXACT to discuss how organisations who have turned remote working around so quickly can maintain, improve, and optimise this new approach to the workplace long into the future.

Stockpiled Cloud Storage? How to Optimise Your Azure Environment ()

You're invited to join us for an exclusive webinar, in conjunction with ITEXACT, talking about how we can quickly and easily optimise our Azure environments, reducing our cloud spend, and giving some space back for use by our NHS and other key organisations.

Exploring the Missing Piece of the Remote Working Puzzle ()

In this webinar, we'll be exploring the missing jigsaw piece that could elevate remote working and fully realise its potential - in particular, the way in which the ability to call landlines and mobiles from Microsoft Teams could ensure businesses thrive in these unusual times.

Introducing Azure Sentinel for Education ()

You're invited to join us for an exclusive webinar for the Education sector, talking about how Microsoft's cloud-SIEM solution, Sentinel, can provide you with a holistic and near-real time view of security incidents across your on-premise and cloud environments, covering identities, data, applications and devices.

Introducing the Identity Maturity Assessment 2.0 ()

We know the importance of our organisation’s identities, and the need to better protect them – but how do we know where to start? This is just one line of questioning we'll be exploring in our latest webinar, as we introduce you to our revamped Identity Maturity Assessment offering.

Introducing the Zero Trust Roadmap ()

In this webinar, Identity Consultant Shelley Hill will discuss what Zero Trust means - both in general, and in the context of your organisation's security - and provide guidance around starting on the journey to implementing a Zero Trust model.

Setting Up Microsoft Teams for Your Organisation ()

Looking to set up Teams at a moment's notice? In this webinar, Identity Expert's Chief Technologist, Matt Fernandes, will be guiding attendees through the initial steps to set up Microsoft Teams for their organisations, and a whole lot more.

Introducing Secure + Successful Remote Working at Short Notice ()

In this short webinar, our expert, Shelley Hill, will be guiding you through the key principles that will ensure remote working is a success for organisations of all shapes and sizes - no matter how short notice the new regime is.

Bridging the Departmental Gap with IT Visibility ()

In many organisations today, it's not unusual to experience a gap between the IT team and other departments. In this webinar, we examine that rift and look at some key fixes. This webinar also includes a demonstration from our friends at ITEXACT, who will talk attendees through the key features of their solution, Surveil SLIM.

Alan Armstrong Explains Android Enterprise Work Profiles ()

Join our Enterprise Mobility & Security Consultant Alan Armstrong as he talks you through the user experience and benefits of Android Enterprise work profiles when enrolling into Microsoft Intune.

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